What we do

SQN works closely with passionate entrepreneurs to creatively structure alternative forms of financing for achieving growth as a supplement to venture capital. Venture debt is the next logical layer of risk capital for the most promising companies that have been validated by recent rounds of venture capital investments. Our capital is generally used to purchase business-essential equipment, invest in key hires, finance working capital needs, or simply extend runway. Here are a few of ways we can structure our capital to meet your growth objectives.


Growth Capital Term Loans

Term loans can be provided to a company at nearly any stage of growth by leveraging the available assets on your balance sheet effectively and creatively. We work as a standalone lender or in conjunction with technology banks to appropriately maximize your borrowing base and fund growth cost effectively.

Equipment Financing

Our equipment leases and loans can replace equity financing used for Capex budgets ranging from $250,000 and up to $15 million. We finance IT, lab, research and development, manufacturing, tooling, and automation equipment within the US and European Union.

MRR Loans

Enterprise software companies generating predictable sources of revenue are available for financing without restrictive covenants and larger amounts than banks, and at costs much less than equity. We use a discrete methodology to provide access to capital as your business grows.

IP Collateralized Loans

At the heart of every thriving company resides its intellectual property. The more often intangible and unknown value within your patents is an untapped resource available for leveraging to facilitate growth. From licensing revenue streams or lending against its value, asset based lending is quite creative and we are the best.